Personal Injury

Someone else's carelessness can cause you more than just physical injury. It can mean inconvenience, embarrassment, and the loss of normalcy -- forever.  No one can put a price tag on the quality of life that you have lost.  We can help you recover the costs of building a new way forward by holding those at fault accountable.

We handle Wrongful Death, Trucking Accidents, Auto Collisions, Slip/Trip and Fall Accidents, and numerous other types of personal injury matters.  Let our attorney fight for the maximum results on your claim.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Getting arrested cost me my job. My family depends on me and losing that income put pressure on all of us. I was placed on probation and it felt like, at every turn, my probation officer was trying to make my situation worse. I was facing going back to jail.

Elroy got in touch with the prosecutor on my case and convinced them to agree to terminate my probation. With Elroy and the prosecutor on the same page, the judge signed off on my termination and I was able to get on with taking care of my family.

David P.

I got stopped for DUI. I had a lot going on in my life at that time, including just having went through major surgery, but I definitely wasn’t drunk driving. What I had to say didn’t really seem to matter to the police officers that pulled me over though. They were just focused on arresting me – no matter what. I met with some other attorneys who told me I’d be better off taking a plea deal.

I wasn’t comfortable with that. I knew I hadn’t broken the law. Elroy helped me put together a defense based on what I wanted – to fight my case. In the end, he got all of my charges dismissed.

Craig A.

I slipped and fell in a puddle that was leaking from an A/C unit hanging over a walkway at my apartment complex. My family and I had complained about the poor maintenance at the complex before, but my landlord didn’t seem to care. Now I had a fractured wrist and an injured back to show for it. When I reported my fall to my landlord, I was threatened with eviction.

Elroy fought for me every step of the way until my landlord’s insurance company gave up and settled. Elroy got me a bigger payout on the case than I had thought was possible, but more importantly, he stood up for me.

Chris B.
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